~I’m taking a hiatus from all of tumblr. As of right now I’m not posting any drawings until i get back which i dont know how long that will be~

Maybe I will draw a lot and post them all when im ready im not sure yet

bakumanfaces:  OH YAY! Really you are the freakin best! Ok here it is... Zaptos, Moltres, and Articuno!

<3 Can’t wait to get started!

ten0uttaten:  I'd like to request a shiny Breloom, I'm not sure if you're taking requests yet, but i just saw that post on your main blog so i thought I'd try. Please and Thank you very much :)

Thnaks for the request! You’re on the lsit now (it’s a pretty long wait though!)

simplyadorkablee:  Can you draw charizard X and Y :D !?

absolutely! On the list~

beccadex:  Shaymin also sorry again for sending it to your main blog >.<

it’s all good! thanks~

rivalshanie:  Can you Staraptor maybe? It can be shiny or non-shiny. It's up to you.

on the list now~

foresttemple:  oh i didnt know it said 2 per picture ~~~ can you draw porygon 2 and carbink please!!?!?! xo

hahahah sure thing, no problem!

mysnorlaxpoundlife:  Shiny Corsola! <3

now on the list!

mega-salamences:  Mega Salamence?

Thanks~ you’re on the list